ByKel Dansby, writer at
Kel Dansby

Enzo Amore is one of the more eccentric characters in the WWE, and he doesn't shy away from letting his personality stand front and center during his performances.

One huge part of that personality is his love for sneakers.

Enzo has shunned traditional wrestling boots, favoring trendy basketball sneakers, Jordans, more often than not, and even lets his fans have input on which shoes he wears during televised events.

This public love affair led to Complex featuring Enzo on their "Sneaker Shopping" YouTube series ahead of his 33 title match.

It's a close race between Enzo and Shane McMahon for the title of "Sneaker King" in the WWE, but Enzo is making a strong case for the top spot with some of his latest acquisitions.

As always, the fans are the true winners and Enzo makes sure he always shares his sneaker tips with the WWE Universe.


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