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Bellator has gone and done it once again.

At the beginning of the year, Bellator signed free agent and former UFC champion Benson Henderson. Following up on that big acquisition, just last month they picked up Rory MacDonald ahead of Bellator 160.

Bellator's president Scott Coker must be sitting in an MMA base buried in a mountain somewhere with his officers surrounding a red button. Do we launch, Admiral Coker? Yes, it's Thursday evening, they'll never expect it. Tell them Chael Sonnen has signed.

Sonnen is now officially a Bellator fighter, and will reportedly appear via video at the Bellator 161 card on Friday night.

"I want to fight right now, and I don't fight in any weight division," Sonnen told the Associated Press. "I fight at gangster weight. Wherever the competition is, I will show up. [Scott] Coker has got guys under contract from 185 to 205. He's signing guys at heavyweight. If he's got guys that want to fight, then let's fight."

MacDonald immediately capitalized on the opportunity.

Of course, that's the million dollar question. Sonnen arriving in Bellator will surely get fans talking, but what people really want to know is who he will fight.

"When we were talking, Chael was adamant that he wants to compete in three divisions here. He already has unfinished business with Wanderlei Silva, but he also wants to fight Tito Ortiz, Fedor Emelianenko and even Rory MacDonald at middleweight," Cocker said. "These are all fights that I'd be very inclined to watch, so hopefully we can put some, if not all, of these matchups together."

It looks like there are no shortage of asses and checks to cash for the "American Gangster" Chael Sonnen. Finishing up that Silva beef that started back from The Ultimate Fighter would be a huge deal, but the first one in line is Tito Ortiz.

"The Bad Boy versus the Bad Guy in November, and that's a quote," Sonnen said.

Bellator can look forward to stuff like this really soon, and it's going to be amazing.


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