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Chael Sonnen is no slouch when it comes to doing business.

He's talked himself into giant fights with Anderson Silva and Jon Jones. He even made a season of the Ultimate Fighter and a potential fight with Wanderlei Silva one of the most talked about news of their day - something that will look to pick right back up after his fight with Tito Ortiz, which he is already promoting like a champ.

In the latest episode of Beyond the Fight, Sonnen uses his business savvy to talk about how Conor McGregor's fight with Eddie Alvarez at , an ambitious bid to potentially hold two UFC titles simultaneously, is the right move no matter what anyone says.

"I'll take the mask off and I'll tell you guys what's going on here. There is a historic opportunity if Conor should beat Eddie Alvarez. The opportunity is there that he'll be first guy in history to hold two world championships simultaneously in the UFC. It has never happened before," Sonnen said. "So, if you're the UFC and you—though the power of the pen—take one of those belts away, you also lose the opportunity that so much media is running with to have the historic evening."

Sonnen goes on to say that this doesn't mean that the UFC won't just go ahead and strip McGregor after the fight, but if this is on the table then revealing it would expose the promotion.

"If you wait to strip him or make a decision in that weight class until after the fight, then you preserve that opportunity. That is so obvious [but] the UFC can't come out there and say that," Sonnen said.

The main issue of contention that Sonnen has is that many fighters, along with fist-shaking fans on Twitter, are calling for McGregor to be stripped and that he shouldn't of received the shot.

"Help perpetuate the story. Instead, these dumb son-of-a-b-tiches are throwing water on the fire. They're trying to get him stripped," Sonnen said. "If you strip him through the power of the pen as opposed to the power or the fight itself, why would do that and kill the headline and the marketability to the historic potential evening? Why do I have to explain this so that other fighters can hear?"

Listen to Sonnen's whole rant about defending the big business of UFC 205 below.


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