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Chael Sonnen may be well past his prime as an MMA fighter, but he can still talk and sell a fight as well as anyone in the business.

Sonnen shocked the MMA world when he announced recently that he was joining Bellator and wants fights with everyone, from Tito Ortiz to Wanderlei Silva.

Sonnen rose to fame in the UFC during his revolutionary promos leading up to a match with Anderson Silva, a match that he almost won, a feat that was quite impressive, considering that Silva was regarded as the best fighter in the world at the time.

Sonnen, a great collegiate wrestler, also fought Jon Jones, largely because he talked his way into the fight. His greatest attribute is, and always has been, his mouth.

He kicked off Bellator 161 with an epic promo, where he dissed the fans and said the only reason he cares about them is because they pay money to see his fights. He then blatantly ripped off Razor Ramon, a former WWE wrestler who also wrestled as Scott Hall.

Sonnen has pretty much lifted Razor's gimmick, and is pulling it off well.

Razor wrestled as "The Bad Guy," and one of his famous catch lines is "Bad times don't last, but bad guys do."

After his Bellator debut, Sonnen said it will be "one more for the bad guy."

Watch Razor here and see all the similarities.


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