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Fighting for Combate Americas 8-2 pro record
Chad Dietmeyer

I guess this will be the tale of fighting as a way to pull people out of messed up situations ...

... Six months ago I wouldn't have pictured I would be stepping into the cage again. I don't want to go down that rabbit hole, but let's just say things are a whole lot better now.

Fighting is starting to become a little bit more Hollywood now with people wanting to fight for the money and fame. For me, coming out of what I went through to fight again is a victory in itself.

I never really had much fun in the fight game before, beside the actual fight itself. I never enjoyed that ride. This time around I am just having fun, there isn't the same pressure.

I kinda don't give a fuck. I'm looking at it like a backyard scrap that I am getting paid for.

I haven't fought since early 2012, but during the years I was actively competing, I was paired up with Benny Madrid multiple times — four times to be exact. But due to the way the fight game always goes, something happened, and we never fought.

I made a "wanted poster" of this guy, and I posted it on my social media. The right people saw it, and I was offered a fight with . I jumped at the chance - then I heard the weight we would be fighting at.

I was looking for a fight at 145, but I guess Benny got fat and wanted to fight at 170. I walk around at 160-165, but I wasn't going to say no. So now I am bulking up instead of cutting weight.

Fuck it, let's go!

Watch me face off Thursday, April 20, live on UFC Fight Pass for Combate Americas.


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