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Grab your salsa and guacamole, it's National Taco Day!

On this special day (because everyone loves tacos), we take a look back at the time that Michael Chiesa, Luke Rockhold, and Erik Perez had a taco eating contest ahead of UFC 180, which also happened to be the first ever UFC card in Mexico.

In the clip, the three fighters downed plates of tacos in order to compete for the title of Champion of Tacos.

One of those fighters would even go on to be crowned middleweight champion a little over a year later (hint: it's Luke Rockhold).

"I knew this was coming, and I prepared well," Rockhold said, with a face as serious as if he were stepping into the Octagon.

The three men were joined by Megan Olivi, and were on a timed format: whomever finished the most tacos in five minutes or whomever finished 25 first would be crowned the victor.

Hilarity ensues as the contestants engage in verbal warfare, with their mouths full, of course. The insults were unintelligible, but who cares!

I don't want to spoil who the winner is, so you'll just have to watch to find out.


Who should compete for the next UFC champion of tacos crown?

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