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If you’ve ever had any kind of mental or emotional struggles, get a pet. You wouldn’t believe how much difference it can make, how much “therapy” they can provide you with. For me, getting my cat was the best decision I ever made.

I’ve mentioned in previous blogs that I’ve battled anxiety and depression pretty much my entire adult life, and it’s something I work on constantly. I think everyone is a work in progress, but some require a little more effort and attention. I’ve always felt I didn’t have time in my life for anything outside a career. I don’t date much, I keep my friends circle small and I never allowed myself anything that required me to become a caretaker.

I’d had several friends recommend that I get a pet, maybe a little hedgehog (I had one when I was a kid) or something along those lines. I’d put it off for quite some time, but after my fight with PVZ, I was kind of moping around, so I decided to get out and see about that hedgehog.

So, I went to look into one at this place near me. When I looked at it, I thought to myself, ‘That’s just an ugly little thing,’ but right next to it was an enclosure that had two little kittens in it. Quinn—that’s my cat—was pawing at the glass door, and she was the cutest cat I’d ever seen.

I walked in and she jumped into my arms and started purring. Her little eyes were magnetizing. I was hooked. I held her for close to an hour, debating with myself if I actually wanted all this responsibility. I looked at her one last time, and I knew I had to have her. She won.

She’s a rescue kitten and I’m pretty sure that helped strengthen the bond between us. I’d just had my fight and had plenty of time on my hands, so all of that time went to her. We’ve got a super strong bond, and she kind of reminds me of a dog.

I’ve taught her tricks, she fetches like a dog, she hunts her toy mice and brings them to me as trophies, she greets me at the door when I come home from practice…everything a dog would do. She’s super affectionate, and I honestly don’t know how I’ve gotten along without her.

For the longest time (before I got Quinn), I honestly didn’t get people’s devotion to their pets. I never understood being attached to something like that, especially when they were restricted to the most basic levels of communication, but boy was I ever wrong. Quinn says so much with everything she does.

She’s just what I needed, even though I never knew it. I love taking care of her, and I love her affectionate response to that care. I spoil her rotten, and I think she somehow knows that we sort of saved each other. Every time I look at her bright little face, I know that I made the best decision to get her, and three words always pop into my head—BEST. KITTEN. EVER.


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