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Imagine if a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, stars of the were cast as characters in .

The latest installment is proving to be another box office hit for , so we decided to have some fun with the flick by re-imagining MMA's biggest names as Force wielders and Rebel fighters.

Ahead, check out how we'd cast Rogue One: A Star Wars Story with UFC stars. May the Force be with you.

Ronda Rousey as Jyn Erso

Only one UFC fighter has the rebellious spirit to match Felicity Jones' rambunctious Jyn Erso, and that's . The former women's bantamweight champion is a fearsome warrior who's never afraid to speak her mind, so she'd be perfect to play the Rogue One lead.

Dominick Cruz as Cassian Andor

A skilled and intelligent fighter who always has a plan, bantamweight titleholder Dominick Cruz definitely has what it takes to play Rebel intelligence officer Cassian Andor. Both guys always have a gameplan to win.

Lyoto Machida as Chirrut Îmwe

As a true believer in the warrior's code, former light-heavyweight champion and karateka Lyoto Machida has a lot in common with Donnie Yen's Force-sensitive Chirrut Îmwe. Both men are martial arts masters who live by the way of the warrior.

Mark Hunt as Baze Malbus

A hot-headed fighter who can take as much punishment as he dishes out, heavyweight veteran Mark Hunt would be great as Baze Malbus. Both guys are the type of warriors you'd want in your rebellion.

Dana White as Orson Krennic

Not every fighter is a fan of how UFC president Dana White and company run the promotion, so it wouldn't be a stretch to imagine him playing the Empire's iron fisted officer Orson Krennic.

Max Holloway as Bodhi Rook

A courageous pilot and Imperial defector, Bodhi Rook is a dedicated ally who never stops until the job's done. Like the Rebel fighter, newly crowned interim champ Max Holloway is a hard worker who never quits.

Rashad Evans as Saw Gerrera

A veteran warrior of the Octagon who's had his fair share of injuries, Rashad Evans would be the perfect UFC star to play the battle-weary Rebel leader Saw Gerrera. All Evans needs is a pair of metal robot legs.

How would you cast UFC stars in Rogue One? Let us know in the comments below.


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