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WBA featherweight champion may have his hands full with a highly anticipated rematch with on January 28th, but that doesn’t mean that the Northern Ireland fighter doesn’t have his sights set on bigger and better things. And helping out his fellow countryman just happens to be one of those things that appeal to Frampton.

As the rumors of a proposed dream match between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor continue to hover, Frampton would like nothing more than to help the UFC lightweight champion prepare for a boxing match against the sweet science’s retired pound for pound king.

“Sure, why not?” Frampton told Champions when asked if he’d be interested in working with McGregor if the fight were to come to fruition. “I love McGregor. I think what he’s done for the UFC is amazing and he has brought the sport to a new level. I didn’t become interested in MMA until he got involved and that’s the same for so many people back home. He has taken that sport to a brand new level. I’d love to help him get ready for a boxing match with Mayweather.”

Although Frampton and McGregor are both Irish and world champions in their respective sports, they have very different personalities when they aren't fighting. McGregor is boisterous while Frampton opts to let his hands do the talking. But despite their differing personalities, their fame back home is massive. When Frampton steps into the ring against Santa . Cruz at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, more than 4,000 of his fellow countrymen will have crossed the pond to cheer him on. Boxing and MMA are serious business to the Irish and the unbeaten Northern Ireland champion would love to see a fight of that magnitude come to fruition, even though he doesn’t think it will come to be.

“They talk about the Mayweather-McGregor fight but it’s a bit of pie in the sky,” he said. “But if it happens it wouldn’t surprise me because it sells."

Regardless, Frampton is here to help because he knows just how big it would be for his country. However, he's not going to hold his breath.

"I think both would make a lot of money out of it," Frampton "I just don’t know if it will happen."

For now, Frampton will focus on his rematch with Leo Santa Cruz at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on January 28th airing exclusively on Showtime.


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