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is just a few short weeks away from his super middleweight contest against ., and as many expected, Canelo is carrying the added weight very well.

For those who may not be as familiar with the intricacies of Canelo's weight cuts, he's known to be the bigger man entering his fights. He's constantly negotiated catchweight fights, so that he can come in 2-3 pounds over a given limit. He's also made a habit of fighting smaller fighters less than his natural 154-pound weight class in order to capitalize on his size/power advantage. Against Chavez Jr., he will not have that luxury.

Canelo will have to rely on his speed and quickness to avoid the much bigger Chavez Jr., while showcasing his rarely needed boxing psychology.

Until then, Canelo is having some fun in between sharpening those technical skills in camp. Television host is the latest celebrity to spend time in the gym with Canelo, but unlike others, he actually laced up the gloves for a pretty physical sparring session.

Lopez is in phenomenal shape and surprisingly looked comfortable standing across from Alvarez. That is until the actual fighting started.

Canelo took it easy on the longtime television star. You can see Canelo holding back on his punches or allowing Lopez to escape, but occasionally he opened up and showed Lopez hints of his true talents.

In the end, both men had fun in the ring and Lopez left with his money making smile intact, in case the ladies were concerned.

It's now time for Canelo to refocus and get back to solving the puzzle that is fighting with skill, instead of like a Barbarian with his head down.


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