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Matt Juul

As the former UFC heavyweight champion of the world, is a pretty tough dude. Well, he's almost as tough as his new pal, legendary screen actor Joe Pesci.

Velasquez ran into the Goodfellas and Raging Bull icon during his recent appearance at a star-studded event to benefit comedian George Lopez's charity. Apparently, the former champ didn't heed the warning of Tommy DeVito, as he made the rookie mistake of calling Pesci a "funny guy."

Luckily for Velasquez, Pesci's response was a light-hearted choke hold (if that's a thing), which is much nicer than how he responded to Spider's backtalk. Poor, poor Spider.

"All I said was that he's a funny guy!" Velasquez joked in a post on Twitter. "An honor to be choked by the legendary Joe Pesci."

In addition to Pesci and Lopez, Velasquez got to rub shoulders with a ton of stars at the charity event earlier this month, including Black-ish actor Anthony Anderson, rock stars Train and Eddie Van Halen, plus Roland Martin.

Since it may be a while until we see the ex-champ back in the Octagon, expect to Velasquez to spend his free time palling around with more celebrities and famous faces in the near future.


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