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MMA and Entertainment Writer
Matt Juul

When people talk about Bruce Lee, they often remember his many amazing on-screen moments, or his eloquent way with words. But make no mistake about it, the legendary martial arts movie star could definitely hold his own in a ring.

Thanks to a rare video containing footage of Lee going all out for a sparring session, fans can finally see just how lightning quick his moves were. The clip, taken during a demonstration at the famed 1967 Long Beach International Karate Championships in California, shows that his moves were definitely no joke.

While it's hard to tell exactly which fighter is Lee in the video, he's more likely than not the combatant with the chest protector. Call it a hunch, but the insanely fast, straight lead attack is a pretty dead giveaway.

In addition to the brief sparring highlights, the clip also includes a few famous moments from Lee's appearance at the tournament, such as his lead hand speed demonstration, as well as a showcase of his legendary one-inch punch. Boy was he ahead of his time.


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