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Sorry if you guys are squeamish, but this is real life and your natural bodily changes don't stop just because you have to prep for a fight!

When I found out I would be fighting Veta Arteaga at , I knew I would have some challenges. Taking a fight is always risky, but this was a main card bout on one of the biggest stages in MMA — and my pro debut. But I wasn't going to back down from a huge opportunity, I was going to face it head on and do my best to win.

When it came time to start my weight cut though, I had another hurdle to jump over — I was on my period. Obviously as a woman this is something that happens from time to time and it sucks having a fight during that time.

It's already harder to cut weight then men, our bodies are built different and we hold water, but when you are on your cycle you retain even more water. Not to mention the hormonal aspects to that time. Fighters are already irritable when they are cutting, add the PMS to it and you are really asking for hell week.

The weight cut was going so slow, I was only losing a little bit each time, much less than when I am not on my period.

I have a friend who does my meal plan and she saw that I was struggling and re-worked the plan to help me get more of the weight off.

I was sure that when it came time to step on the scales before the fight I would have to disrobe (which I was hoping to avoid) but I made it without having to take my clothes off!

I came in at exactly 126 pounds!

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