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Brooke Mayo

I'm sure everyone will think this is just a publicity stunt, but I've come to realize that if I see something wrong — I need to speak up about it.

I believe that is getting an unfair advantage, in that she is considered a flyweight, but consistently fights over the weight limit.

She's going to be fighting this weekend for at 130 pounds; she fought at 131 pounds and at 131 pounds. She is being considered for a flyweight title shot, yet hasn't even fought at 125 yet!

My first honest reaction to seeing the weight she's been fighting at is 'this is unfair.' There are women in this division who have been busting their asses to get to 125 (myself included) who aren't getting special treatment. I'm a pretty big flyweight at 5'7," and I had a really tough weight cut for my last fight, but I still made it.

I cut down from the high 140's, and it's getting harder because my metabolism is slowing down and I am starting to feel the after-effects of these severe weight cuts.

The fact that she isn't required to cut to 125, but is still considered a flyweight just sends a message to the rest of us that she thinks she is better than us and is above the rules.

I feel for the other girls like Ilima-Lei Macfarlane and Emily Ducote who have been in the division for a while and aren't getting those types of advantages.

The crazy thing is she has a full camp; it's not like she got a last minute fight. She also has the luxury of being a full-time fighter, so she isn't balancing her meals between two jobs like I am. She's probably not eating out of her car while she drives hundreds of miles to train like I am, and she probably has someone making her meals for her! She trains at Thailand, she has everything at her disposal to make a cut to 125 happen.

She has no excuse not to make 125.

The fact that she has the marketability is probably one reason why she's allowed to fight at 130. It's similar to consistently missing weight and everyone turning a blind eye.

Of course, if I am given the chance to fight her, I would. But I want to fight her at flyweight, not catchweight. I'd welcome her to fight me at 125 for her first true flyweight bout.

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