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Mark Hunt is still fuming over what happened to him at UFC 200, and now his lawyer is saying he's exploring his options to sue both his former opponent and the promotion.

“We have to wait out right now to file a lawsuit,” said Christina Denning, Hunt's lawyer, in an interview with “Against either [the UFC or Brock Lesnar] right now would be premature because Brock hasn’t exhausted the process for getting his due process and hearing through the Nevada Athletic Commission and I understand that he has got another continuance. So that hearing is set to go on December 14 so we’ve gotta get confirmation of the violation before we would act on any claims.”

Hunt faced Lesnar at back in July, and lost via decision, but just a few days after the bout, Lesnar was flagged by USADA for a doping violation. This marks the third opponent that Hunt has faced who tested positive for PEDs. Antonio Silva and Frank Mir being the others.

Hunt has gone as far as asking to be released from the UFC, and has been vocal about the formation of a fighter's union to deal with issues like these.

Lesnar's hearing with the Nevada Athletic Commission has been postponed, the former heavyweight champ hasn't received his punishment from either NAC or .

“As far as any specifics of any potential lawsuit, we’re certainly evaluating and we’re still fact gathering through Public Records Act requests and various agencies,” Denning said. “We’re evaluating what all of our potential claims would be aside from Mark’s intent to pursue a change for all fighters. He obviously wants to get some sort of compensation from the UFC or Brock Lesnar for UFC 200.”

Hunt demanded a portion of Lesnar's $2.5 million purse from the UFC, and has asked for a provision to be in place that states if an opponent is caught using PEDs that they must forfeit their purse. Hunt said he will not fight again until that is added to his contract.


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