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If you're one of the many mutant lovers who'll be hitting theaters this weekend to check out Hugh Jackman's final ride as Wolverine in Logan, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for a bloody cameo involving a former UFC star.

Fans already caught a glimpse of Krzysztof Soszynski in the trailer for the latest X-Men flick, however, we can finally confirm the fate of the mixed martial arts veteran's character in Logan. Although he only has a small part in the film, don't read on if you hate even the tiniest of spoilers.

As you probably already guessed by the teaser, Soszynski's character gets up-close and personal with Laura, or X-23, a mutant who has the DNA, shiny claws, and violent rage of Wolverine. The ex-UFC fighter plays a member of the Reavers, a group of mechanically enhanced mercenaries tasked with retrieving Laura for a shadowy company after she meets up with Logan, an albino mutant tracker named Caliban, as well as a very elderly Professor Xavier, played once again by Sir Patrick Stewart.

When the Reavers finally find the girl at Wolverine's compound, Soszynski's character is the first person who attempts to restrain Laura, serving as a sacrificial lamb so audiences can see just how brutal this 11-year-old really is. While we guessed from the trailer that Soszynski's character would lose his head during a battle with Laura, we can finally confirm that the UFC veteran is in fact her decapitated victim.

The sequence doesn't exactly show Soszynski's untimely demise, but a blood-curdling scream followed by Laura walking out of the compound with his head in her hand is proof enough that she's one mutant you definitely don't want to mess with (aside from Wolverine, obviously).

Unfortunately, we don't get to see Soszynski break out his cage fighting skills, but we guess all the action from Wolverine, Laura, and company make up for it.

Logan hits theaters in the U.S. on March 3.


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