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Tyson Fury is a polarizing figure when it comes to the world of boxing, and sports as a whole. Never far from controversy, today saw another twist in the infamously checkered career of the heavyweight boxing champion.

Earlier today, the Mancunian boxer posted a foul-mouthed tweet, seemingly announcing his sudden retirement from the sport of boxing, à la Conor McGregor. The self-titled "Gypsy King" has not fought since beating longtime rival, Wladimir Klitschko to claim the IBF, WBA and WBO belts in Germany last November.

Tyson Fury - Boxing 6k+ RT's

Of course, in typical Fury style, this isn't the first time the sports star has courted headlines due to his irrational behavior across social media.

When American media alleged that the boxer had tested positive for using cocaine, Fury again took to his Twitter account. Instead of refuting the claims, issuing an apology or perhaps smartest of all, maintaining a dignified silence, the resulting tweet was a mock-up meme of the heavyweight champ's head photoshopped onto the body of Tony Montana, the drug kingpin made famous by Al Pacino in Scarface, aptly titled, "Tyson Montana."

Although the wider opinion on Tyson Fury in boxing is not necessarily a positive one, there are many who recognize the raw talent of the 28-year-old. Many also look up to him for finally defeating the dominant Klitschko, a sign of new times within the heavyweight division.

Thus, in true Conor McGregor style, and a mere three hours later, Tyson Fury had once again taken to Twitter to announce his long awaited comeback.

The star then proceeded to tweet that as soon as he was ready, he'd be back to defend and reclaim the heavyweight throne. This comes following Fury's withdrawal from not one, but two scheduled rematches against Wladimir Klitschko. The duo were supposed to meet this past July, following Klitschko activating a clause in his contract that gave him an immediate rematch. Unfortunately for the Ukrainian, Fury pulled out citing an ankle injury, then pulled out of the second rematch attempt on October 29 due to psychological issues.

Following this social media outburst, Tyson Fury now joins a growing list of celebrities and sport stars who are announcing their retirement over social media platforms. With Tyson Fury amassing over 26,500+ RTs inside a day, let's see how one of boxing's biggest stars matched up against other athletes who announced their retirement of Twitter.

Marshawn Lynch - American Football 208k+ RT's

A year and a week after the Seahawks stunned the football world by opting to pass, instead of running the ball at Super Bowl 49, Marshawn Lynch tweeted out the picture below. Not even Conor McGregor could garner more retweets than the 30-year-old powerhouse. The timing of the tweet was also subject to heavy scrutiny, as it was sent during the fourth quarter of this year's Super Bowl at 9:46 pm ET. These would of been around about the time that the Seahawks opted against going beast mode, and subsequently lost to the Patriots the prior year. Talk about making a statement.

Conor McGregor - MMA 162k+ RT's

Conor McGregor is the undisputed king in the sports world when it comes to all things media and public relations. Whether it's his on-stage antics, psychic-like predictions or witty rebukes, the "Notorious" loves a camera. The Irishman's negotiations with the UFC promotion have become infamous, and his antics in front of the media has turned him into a bonafide, global superstar. It's no surprise that Mystic Mac's retirement tweet garnered a very healthy 162,680 retweets and further 196,026 favorites. Still, the native Dubliner couldn't topple Lynch from the most retweets of 2016 by an athlete, so far.

Kobe Bryant - Basketball 127k+ RT's

Keeping in theme with a classier approach, basketball legend and sporting superstar, Kobe Bryant also announced his retirement via twitter. However, there was a little more to it than Mac's mere, "Thanks for the cheese" comment. After an illustrious career, Bryant finally left the game he so dearly loved. The tweet went on to become the most retweeted of any athlete on Twitter in 2015.

Many look to Jay-Z as being the first celerity to suddenly drop the news of retirement, just like the Roc-A-Fella boss did following the release of his The Black Album. Since then, the trend has continued to be utilized by sports stars and celebs alike, in attempts to help their negotiations, or hype up potential projects they're working on. From Lil Wayne retiring to become a full time skateboarder to Jose Aldo threatening to take the UFC to court to get out of his contract, one thing is certain: You can expect the trend to continue. Like they say...All PR is good PR, right?


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