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Any MMA fan who witnessed the epic battle that was Joe Rogan vs. the ice spill at UFC 109 is well aware of the dangers that frozen cubed water can pose to even the most elite of combat sports athletes. But over in the boxing world, a newer, far more dangerous ice-related threat has emerged: flying ice buckets.

This terrifying menace was captured on camera for the first time ever in the immediate aftermath of a boxing match at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Canada (aka the ice capital of the world) on January 28th. Apparently, the crowd was none too pleased when Toronto's Brandon Cook scored a TKO win over their local boy, Steven Butler, and rather than politely protest the decision by calling the judges "hosers" like we all assume they'd do in Canada, decided to make their displeasure known by starting a full-on melee.

Unfortunately for Cook, this meant taking an ice bucket to the dome.

Even worse? The flying ice bucket was only part of a brawl that saw Two Bell Centre employees injured along with a man and a woman in the crowd. All four were hospitalized, and so far two men have been arrested by Montreal police and sentenced to what I can only assume is 1000 hours of mandatory zamboni-ing. Are these ridiculously outdated Canada jokes doing it for you guys? Let me know by following me on Twitter and making your voices heard.

Let's look at that KO in gif form.

I don't think that's how the Ice Bucket Challenge is supposed to work.
I don't think that's how the Ice Bucket Challenge is supposed to work.

Looks like he was knocked out cold, amiright guys? OUT COLD. I'll be here all week, but probably not much longer after that.

There's been no word yet on whether or not Butler will also be punished on account of his poor sportsmanship, but if you ask me, this whole thing stinks to high heaven of conspiracy. Just look at how perfectly his shove sent Cook on the path toward Ice-Bucket-To-The-Face Town. Coincidence, or something more? The answer plus fighting the frizzies at 11.

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