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Matt Juul

One of MMA's most inspiring stories may be headed to a theater near you soon.

A crowdfunding campaign was recently launched to bring the journey of retired WSOF lightweight and former XFC champion, "Notorious" Nick Newell to the big screen. The biopic, titled Notorious Nick, is being produced by Howard Burd and Mark DiSalle, the latter a veteran producer of cult classic martial arts movies such as Bloodsport and Kickboxer.

“There are a lot of tough competitors in the sport, and just as many great stories, but Nick’s stood out because of how he turned his unique challenge into his secret weapon," DiSalle recently told Variety. "He was lucky to have valuable mentors shaping that mindset, even when he was still a child. His inspirational story needs to be shared with the world.”

Prior to making his way over to WSOF in 2013, Newell, a congenital amputee, overcame some immense odds to win the XFC lightweight title when he submitted Eric Reynolds in 2012. Overall, Newell amassed an impressive 13–1 before retiring last October.

The Indiegogo campaign for Notorious Nick hopes to raise $100,000, and will remain open to donations for 30 days, ending around the same time as the one year anniversary of Newell's final MMA fight. His last match occurred in 2015 at Foxwoods in his home state of Connecticut, where he defeated Tom Marcellino at WSOF 24.

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