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Matt Juul

Blake Lively is about to make her fictional mixed martial arts debut.

The actress and better half to Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds has reportedly signed on to star in the upcoming MMA movie Bruised, according to a new report by Deadline. The action-drama, which is being shopped around this week’s Cannes Film Festival, will be helmed by a pretty interesting choice of director: The Notebook filmmaker Nick Cassavetes.

Judging by an early description, Bruised seems to be going the dramatic route a la Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton’s 2011 hit sports flick Warrior.

Deadline reports that Lively will play a woman named Jackie, who’s struggling to work two jobs as a single mother, and also happens to be “a disgraced MMA fighter who has been up against the ropes her entire life.” Lively’s character is forced back into the cage in an attempt to win back her son, who may be taken away by the authorities.

Aside from the odd pairing of Lively and the guy who brought us one of the biggest Nicholas Sparks adaptations ever, Bruised should be an interesting project to keep an eye. Plus, both Lively and Cassavetes are represented by WME, the new owners of the UFC, expect a few MMA stars ( anyone?) to pop up in this flick.


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