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You remember that insane powerbomb finish that happened at Superstar Fight 7 last week? Well, here's one that's even more ridiculous.

Just minutes into their contest at the IBJJF 2017 European Championships, white belt Claudio Lopes managed to catch his opponent, Marc Garcia, in a triangle choke (or at least, the setup for a triangle choke). Although the position provided no immediate threat to Garcia, Lopes was clearly working his way towards a potentially match-ending submission and was not going to give it up easily.

So then Garcia did this.

Even crazier than this brilliantly executed (albeit totally illegal) move, if you can believe it, would have to be the ref's absolute no-sell of this brilliantly executed and totally illegal move. To hear the guys at Flo Grappling who were live at the event describe it is even more bizarre:

The referee is only permitted to use three verbal commands during a match -- start, action, and stop. So he was unable to warn the athlete that slamming his opponent was against the rules. However, the referee did not immediately stop the match when Garcia got slammed and only paused the action when Lopes himself looked up at the referee as he advanced position.

We were matside during the incident, and the ref didn't even call a medic, allowing Garcia to walk off by himself unaided.

Well, it's oddly comforting to know that brain farts of this magnitude don't extend to just MMA, as last weekend's Invicta 21 bout between Celine Haga and Caldwell Montenegro once again demonstrated. (That and, you know, the fact that Lopes was later cleared by the on-site medics he was initially denied access to.)

That all said, what a week it's been for the powerbomb, amiright?

Powerbomb finishes. So hot right now.

Hotter than Hansel, even.


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