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Meet BJ Penn, fighter and prophet.

The legend will make his return to the Octagon this Sunday, Jan. 15 at , against rising star .

Penn, 38, is coming out of retirement to fight Rodriguez, 24.

Even though Penn is confident going into the fight, he may have predicted his fate back in 2005 before he faced Renzo Gracie at the K-1 World Grand Prix Hawaii. Penn defeated Gracie via unanimous decision in a middleweight fight but it was what "The Prodigy" said in the build to the fight that could have had him change his nickname to "The Prophet."

"There is some 12-year-old training right now, in the future, when I'm Renzo's age, boom," Penn said in an interview that was dug up by MMA Digest before his showdown with Renzo Gracie. "Then I got to run into him. It's gonna happen. It's a part of life."

was 12 when Penn fought Gracie.

There's no way that Penn could have known that he would be facing that 12-year-old that he spoke of a dozen years later, could he? Even more interesting is the fact that Penn is now the same age that Gracie was (38) when they fought in 2005. Everything matches up perfectly.

Your mind has now been blown.


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