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Justin Golightly

B.J. Penn didn't get to make his return and featherweight debut against Ricardo Lamas this past October due to the fight being scrapped because of a rib injury to Baby Jay Penn.

But don't fear, fans of the underwater stone carrying, pool-jumping champ and UFC hall-of-famer — he's just been booked in an out-of-nowhere match-up with for on January 15th.

The announcement was met with, let's just say, contentious reactions on on Twitter from MMA media and concerned MMA citizens alike. Some people don't agree with the booking and some think it's a good way to build up the new prospect.

Our beloved "Baby Jay" was supposed to return as early as , but was halted due to criminal investigations. This set off a domino effect of a Dennis Siver fight at but Siver got injured, Cole Miller stepped in then Penn was flagged for using an IV, which was banned, and finally, the aforementioned Lamas fight fell through.

To put it in perspective, Penn's last fight was July 6, 2014 against Frankie Edgar, but his last win was against Matt Hughes at , over six years ago.

Let's look back at the pool jump. Simpler, better times.


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