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Last night, we all squirmed in our seats and watched a legend get uncomfortably mollywhopped. BJ Penn has such an aura and has wrecked so many young guns, that we fooled ourselves into thinking he had a shot. While we all do whatever we can to heal our post-Penn fight hangover, a jury of his peers weighed-in on the legend today with Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour.

Jon Fitch

After some spots showed up on his MRI scans, has to face making decisions about his own reluctant retirement. He gave an angle to Penn's current state that makes you understand, for better or for worse, why a fighter like him continues to fight despite what may be in their best interest.

Rashad Evans

A veteran who goes down to a lighter division and suddenly feels brand new? can relate to that. I mean, Evans came out of nowhere with a Bruce Lee body. From a guy that has been up and down the roller coaster of MMA multiple times, Evans shares his thoughts on Penn.

"I hate to tell another fighter that he may need to stop, because fighting is such a personal thing and everybody fights for a different reason. You never know when the fight is truly out of somebody," Evans said to Helwani. "They can look terrible and next thing you know they have a resurgence. But at the end of the day, I watched the fight with BJ and my heart just goes out to him. I know his heart and desire, he really wants to be out there, but he just cant compete now."

Chael Sonnen

While this is a somber statement about Penn, Sonnen is an older fighter trying to answer his own career questions. However, he won't be stepping into the cage with a fiery prospect half his age. This weekend, Sonnen will fight UFC veteran at to start his self-proclaimed, "Legends Ass Kicking Tour." It seems like the sport is not done with "original gangster" , but we hope it is with BJ Penn.

Dana White on BJ Penn back in 2014.


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