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Amy Kaplan

Middleweight champion, Michael Bisping hasn't held back his thoughts about his opponent, Dan Henderson, especially in regard to his claims of Henderson using TRT in the past and cheating.

"Dan Henderson, you were on TRT," Bisping said to the media at UFC 204 gym day. "You are the godfather of TRT. Shame on you."

Henderson, having dealt with these claims for a while, just let the remarks roll right off his back.

"I don't care what he says. It doesn't matter to me," Henderson said. "I know in my mind how I am, and how I have been throughout the years. I've never tested positive for anything."

These comments come the same day that Henderson was identified as the fighter who has had the most USADA tests. Henderson himself mentioned the discovery and seemed proud of it although he did admit to using TRT, but only when it was still legal in the sport.

He went on to claim that it's Bisping's body that should be under suspicion.

"I think his body has changed more since the last time we fought than mine has," Henderson said. "He looks a lot bigger now."

Bisping didn't take too kindly to that insinuation.

"Fact of the matter is, I didn't cut any weight whatsoever for that fight," Bisping said. "I walked in there 185 pounds. I was skinny as hell. For him to throw out insinuations like that...shame on you, Dan Henderson. I've never even come close, not even a whistle, not even a hint of suspicion in any of my tests. You can test my blood right now. I will piss in any cup you want."


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