ByJason Nawara, writer at
Jason Nawara

After watching Bigfoot Silva's weird fight with Ivan Shtyrkov again, it's clear something weird was afoot. Maybe everyone was simply confused about the rules, considering the fight was put on by a Russian boxing commission, or maybe Bigfoot just got robbed. It wouldn't be the first time a Russian organization has been sketchy with their fight results, except this time, a ref actually stepped in and gave a knocked down fighter time to recover.

Not good.

And so, Bigfoot Silva spoke to his fans via ENTImports, outraged he didn't get his hand raised. (Watch his video here.)

You can watch the fight below, and see that it is borderline despicable that he didn't win the fight. Granted, Bigfoot did take some good shots, but that probably wouldn't have happened had the ref stopped the fight when he should've.

At least Bigfoot is relatively happy after the fact.


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