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Amy Kaplan

Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva is set to face Roy Nelson at UFC Fight Night Brasilia this weekend, but he's not letting the fight get between their friendship, and says he plans to take Nelson out for a traditional Brazilian BBQ after their bout.

"We're friends,” Silva said to Brazilian news outlet Combate. “We spent 15 days in Romania shooting a movie. We became brothers because we spent so many hours together, on the same set, staying at the same hotel. Then he came to American Top Team, where we spent another month and a half together. I helped him with his Overeem fight. We have a very good relationship. The first message I got on my birthday was from my wife. The second one was from Roy Nelson."

He went on to say that if they were able to chose another opponent they would have, but now that the fight is set, they will be professionals about it.

"We will be together after the fight," he said. "We'll hug it out and then we'll kill about two cows, five chickens, and three lambs at the barbecue house."

The pair face off this Saturday in Brasilia, Brazil.


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