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was knocked out of the ring and onto the floor Saturday night, losing the final fight of his illustrious career.

The bizarre outcome brought a strange and sad ending to a career that had been celebrated as legendary. Hopkins was 51 years old when he entered the ring Saturday night, a guy who had won multiple championships and was regarded as one of boxing's all-time greats.

Prior to Saturday's loss to , Hopkins had never been knocked out. He took it hard, and even claimed that he was "pushed" out of the ring.

In a post-fight interview with HBO Boxing Analyst Max Kellerman, Hopkins offered his take on the controversial ending. He appeared a bit groggy, but mostly disappointed with the way it all turned out. He stated that Smith had grown frustrated with Hopkins and shoved him out of the ring. He also suggested that he was wearing Smith down and it was only a matter of time until Hopkins would have imposed his will on the young challenger.

Watch the interview below:

"I know for a fact that if I wouldn't have got pushed out of that ring, after I made him miss, the second half of the fight, when I am known for coming back, I am known for, not that I was down multiple rounds, but I believe that he was starting to fade out and I was starting to come on strong and making him miss and that was taking a toll on him and he's a big swinger. "

Hopkins said the fight could have been ruled a No Contest.

"I am really still in shock," he said.

Still, he is proud of his accomplishments and won't let his final fight wreck a good career.

"I believe that the crowd and the fans know for a fact that I went out like a soldier and I always fought the toughest and the baddest fighters in the era that I boxed," Hopkins said.


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