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"Explosive" is a term that's become a go-to among MMA commentators and analysts alike when describing a certain group of fighters. But, it could not be more fitting when looking at the career of Melvin Guillard.

Having made the walk an incredible 53 times since turning pro in 2002 (at 18 years old!), the majority of Guillard's victories have come by way of knockout. But make no mistake about it, these aren't your standard, accumulation of damage KO's. These are one-shot, hellaciously-fast bombs that left those who received them in serious need of smelling salts to be awakened from the dark realms into which they were thrust.

This weekend, Guillard will once again look deliver his patented brand of punching power to the face and/or body of Chidi Njokuani in the main event of . So to give you a taste of what to expect, we decided to grab as many grainy, bootleg, fan-made videos of Guillard KOing people as we could possibly find. You're welcome.

It probably makes the most sense to start with the knockout that put "The Young Assassin" on the map: his walk off obliteration of Rick Davis at UFC 60.

Having split a pair of contests to Marcus Davis and Josh Neer in his first two bouts, the then-21-year-old Guillard was looking to make a serious impression against the debuting Davis, a 3-1 Shooto vet who probably had high hopes about becoming the next Matt Hughes before he decided to throw a naked leg kick and eat one of the cleanest right hooks ever thrown by anyone ever.

Unsurprisingly, Rick Davis has yet to step back into the cage, which I can only assume is due to the fact that he has been too busy trying to find his way out of The Upside Down from Stranger Things ever since.

While Gabe Ruediger may be known to a generation as the first The Ultimate Fighter contestant to be eliminated by the scale, it turns out that he actually had a rich, if somewhat brief history in the UFC before that. And by "somewhat brief," I mean his one-off appearance at UFC 62, which saw his intestines liquefied by a Melvin Guillard right hand in the opening minute of the second round.

Seriously, just watching this video gives me colitis.

Speaking of knockouts that will make your insides hurt, let's take a look at Guillard's final victory as a UFC employee (excuse me, independent contractor).

You guys remember Mac Danzig, the vegan guy who rear-naked choked basically everyone who competed on The Ultimate Fighter 6? If so, then I'm sure you have a better recollection of his UFC on FOX 8 fight with Guillard than he does. Looking to bounce back from a decision loss to Takanori Gomi in his last fight, Danzig actually managed to weather Guillard's whirlwind of murderpunches better than most in the early going of the fight. I dare say that he was on his way to tiring out Guillard, scoring a submission win in the third round, and eventually going on to claim two-title glory.

But just as the orphan Fantine lamented before succumbing to tuberculosis in Les Miserables, "there are storms we cannot weather." And weather the storm...Danzig did not.

In case you have yet to be convinced about the explosiveness of Melvin Guillard, here's a compilation of him knocking out Shane Roller, Waylon Lowe, and Dennis Siver with a diving right hand, right hook, and knee to the body, respectively. That Njokuani could watch this video and accept a fight against Guillard is a testament to either his bravery or his stupidity. I'm going to assume it's the former, but we'll have to tune into Bellator 171 this weekend to find out for sure.


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