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The past few days haven't been easy for the "American Gangster."

After a stunning and somewhat questionable loss to Tito Ortiz at over the weekend, suffered his second straight defeat on Monday courtesy of . Never one to shy away from controversy, the former star was eliminated from The New Celebrity Apprentice when host Arnold Schwarzenegger took issue with him for bending the rules during a challenge. In order to buy his team some more time, Sonnen "accidentally" cut a wire to a computer, forcing the show's producers to allow the group a few extra moments to put their presentation together due to a "technical difficulty."

"In spite of this heroic and brilliant move on my part, I didn't feel like a big hero," Sonnen explained during the episode. "I felt like a guy that knew if we had a technical difficulty, we had more time."

"It's helpful to have doctors, it's helpful to have lawyers on your team," Sonnen added. "But at some point, it's helpful to have a gangster."

Although the "Gangster from West Linn" thought he was being pretty slick with his sneaky scissor leg takedown of the team's computer, Schwarzenegger was less than thrilled with the veteran's actions. During the boardroom session, the Hollywood icon chastised Sonnen for being a cheater before ultimately firing him. Schwarzenegger noticeably opted to use the classic "You're fired" line instead of his new catchphrase of "You're terminated," proving that the Governor was serious about the situation.

"Chael, I know that you think this is a gray area, but in my world, this is not a gray area," Schwarzenegger said. "I will not tolerate cheaters in my boardroom. You’re fired.”

Coming up short on national TV twice in less than a week has to sting, but Sonnen is probably happy to be off the reality series. The star recently told Champions that he wasn't a fan of how slow things went behind the scenes on the show, however, he did enjoy working with Schwarzenegger.

"Schwarzenegger was awesome, man. I genuinely looked forward to seeing him everyday," Sonnen said. "He was just a positive energy and a positive guy and it was magnetic. You'd be around him and you'd just leave in a good mood. And not all the conversations were pleasant, but he just had a way about him. He was a really, really great guy, great man."


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