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Loyalty is a huge part of the fight game, and sometimes it gets tested.

For me, my loyalty was tested a few years ago, when I made the decision to leave my first coach and make the switch to MMA full time.

Back then, I was training in Moreno Valley; my coach, who came from a karate and point fighting background, was just getting into MMA, which was weird because I was also just getting into the sport. I was his first MMA fighter.

Looking back on the situation, I‘m lucky that my talent took me as far as it did because at a certain point, I wasn’t learning anything new from my coach. He thought he knew everything, but he didn’t. And, he didn’t know how to grow with the sport.

As my career progressed, I started cross training at Millennia, and that’s when I realized what I wasn’t getting from my coach. He wasn’t studying, he wasn’t looking at fights, and when I started getting better sparring at Millennia, that’s when I decided to take my career to the next level.

I probably stuck it out longer than I should have. I’m really, really loyal, but when I realized that I was paying for something that I wasn’t getting, I knew it was time to go. My first coach was basically just collecting a check off of me, but not doing what I felt he needed to do to earn that check.

That decision to leave my first coach definitely worked out for the best, especially as I’m about to fight for the welterweight title at . I just knew back then that if I really wanted to succeed in MMA, something needed to change. I just felt that things would go downhill if I stayed with my first coach.

As fighters, we compete in an individual sport. And even though most of us come from teams with coaches, training partners, boosters, sponsors, and fans, at the end of the day, we’re out there alone, so we have to do what we feel is best for us.

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