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It’s fight week, which means that it’s time for the worst part of camp -- the weight cut.

All my weight cuts suck. I cut a lot of weight; I’m a big 155er, and I walk around at 190, 195. I like to eat. I love my sweets. I love my carbs. I love pasta and when I don’t get to eat what I want I get grumpy and it’s a crappy thing. Seriously, I hate cutting weight.

And as bad as the weight cut is, I always make weight. I just wish I could still get an IV after weigh ins.

Before the commissions started messing with us, I had everything down to a science. Now they’re sticking their noses in my business, making it so we can’t get IV’d, and that definitely sucks for sure.

About three months out from any fight, I start dieting, cutting out my carbs and switching to a daily breakfast of half a sweet potato and a banana. I eat a lot of vegetables, kale salad, straight-up grilled chicken, and man eating healthy all the time sucks.

The constant dieting has actually started giving me nightmares. Lately, I’ll wake up at three, four o’clock in the morning sweating and nervous that I ate something in my sleep. I’ve been having these nightmares where I eat cake and pasta, and they’re the most realistic thing ever. I smell the food and taste it in my dream, and I’ll literally wake up thinking that I ate a cake or something in my sleep and that I’m not gonna make weight.

I probably don’t make it any easier on myself by watching “Chopped” and these damn shows on The Food Network. I come home and just watch them and just drool. I keep thinking, after the fight, after the fight -- it’s torture.

I’m very focused and disciplined during training camp and weight cuts, so I’m looking to make that 155-pound championship weight limit. I just know that the best way for me to recover from a weight cut is with an IV.

In the past, when we were allowed to use IVs, I would feel 100-percent right after it was administered. I still think it’s the fastest way to get hydrated after a weight cut, and while I know the early weigh ins now give fighters an additional 6 hours, or so, to re-hydrate, I still prefer the IV. I think it feels really good, and I definitely miss it, so promoters should really consider allowing it again.

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