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Linton Vassell

I’m back in my hometown, Milton Keynes, for 170.

However, for the last two years, I’ve been doing my camps, in Florida, first with the Blackzilians, now with Henri Hooft at .

Henri’s my main striking coach, but the reason why I actually moved was access to sparring partners and the training. MMA is still a lot bigger over in the U.S.

Even though I’ve been working with Henri and Neil Melanson for the last two years, I continue to train with Danny Batten, he’s my first ever coach I had in Milton Keynes. And, I still work with a striking coach from England as well, Darren Ward.

But still, English fighters like me and my upcoming opponent, , along with a few others, are doing big things right now, so we need to be in America to advance our careers.

When I am back in England, I make sure to catch up with Sam Tomlin, an old strength and conditioning coach. We’ve been working together for the last seven years, so it’s nice to catch up.

Liam is actually a good friend of mine, but this is all business on May 19. We’ve got a job to do, and that job’s to punch people up, so I’m looking forward to war time. I’ve fought friends before; when I fought Emanuel Newton the second time we were friends, and I beat him. So, it looks like if you’re my friend, I’m gonna win.

Regardless, Liam’s gonna try and hurt me, and vice versa, but I feel like I’m just gonna be sharp, explosive, and a lot more powerful. I’m just gonna have that power strength and that explosive power over him.


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