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Official Creators profile for Bellator MMA lightweight Brent Primus, challenging for the world title at Bellator NYC.
Brent Primus

Want to know how to get a title fight at Madison Square Garden?

For me, I think it had a little to do with the luck of the draw. But, I’ve already been through four full fight camps in 2017, with every one of my previous opponents pulling out or getting injured, so at least I know I’ll be in amazing shape come fight night.

But for me, staying fit and staying ready is a way of life.

I always hear these little punks on social media saying I’m on steroids and stuff like that because of my pictures, and because I cut a lot of weight. But the truth is, I work out really, really hard.

For this camp, I’ve been splitting time between my homebase at Performance Martial Arts, with stints at Gracie Barra Portland and Team Oyama in Orange County, California.

Fabiano Scherner, my main coach, has been preparing me for the ground game, while Colin Oyama has helped me take my striking to the next level. Ben Baxter, and the guys at Performance Martial Arts help me put it all together, but beyond the gym, I am constantly working on my conditioning.

When I wake up in the morning, I immediately do a thousand crunches. Then I’ll make sure to do 250 pullups before I even leave the house.

In the evening, I do 500 inverted pushups every single night, along with another thousand crunches. Usually, I’ll add 150 jump squats and 500 pushups into the routine, and most times I’ll be up until 1 a.m., just working out.

I know I’m kind of a mental case when it comes to training. Some people say I over train, and maybe I do, but it’s also gotten me to where I am. So while most guys are eating Cheetos and watching TV, I’m busting my ass, doing 50 40-yard sprints.

And, although I see lots of people making ridiculous comments on social media about my appearance, I’ve learned to take it as a compliment. Test me all you want, but I’m still going to get stronger and faster and better everyday, because of my dedication to training.


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