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Justin Golightly

As Bellator scooped up every UFC free agent on the planet, Ryan Bader quickly became their largest pick-up yet. Before the ink dried on his new contract, Bader expected a rematch with Phil Davis to get the Bellator light heavyweight title which he said was "basically" his. He was given Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal instead, but the MMA gods have smiled upon Bader and Davis announced on The MMA Hour that he'll be fighting instead.

Not only is this pay-per-view headlined by a fight that was supposed to happen in the UFC, now a fight that already happened in the UFC will lead into the main card. It will also feature six former UFC fighters altogether. If this card is evident of anything, it's that the Bellator just keeps sneaking up on their competition. A lot will be riding on the numbers coming for their next college try at PPV, but this high-profile title fight will definitely help.


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