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Justin Golightly

With so many brash trash-talkers and mink-wearing braggarts, sometimes the quiet dangerous man is a welcome change of pace in MMA. It's just at thing of beauty when a guy like Mark Hunt strolls into the Octagon, sleeps a guy, then shambles off with not even a slight smirk. Sergei Kharitonov continued this tradition of laid-back destruction, by sending Chase Gormley to the darkest of lands with a jawbreaker of an uppercut at Bellator 175.

Holy crap. It looks like Gormley started to do the YMCA dance and was only able to get to the 'Y' before his brain shut off. As violent as it was, the opponent wasn't subjected to any more strikes than necessary, no late hits, there was no need. Kharitonov knew it was over before Gromley even hit the ground. That's the deadly elegance of the walk-off knock out.


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