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Jason Nawara

Bellator just put on one of those classic scraps that makes MMA fans extremely frustrated that Spike decided to broadcast opposite UFC Fight Night 100. Michael Chandler vs. Benson Henderson for the lightweight strap demanded your full attention. It was one hell of a fight.

The first five minutes were all Michael Chandler, and it was incredible that Bendo was even able to survive. Then THIS happened:

As the fight went on, slowly but surely chipped away at Michael Chandler's legs, and kept the champ out of dominant position by constantly moving. It opened up Bendo's offense, and gassed Chandler. Still, could the former UFC lightweight champ finally put something together in the Bellator cage? The answer was: Yes and No.

You could make a case for the first 4 rounds going to Chandler, but round 5 was all Benson, and it was possibly a 10-8. This led to a pissed Chandler.

In the end, it was a split-decision win for the champ, and it was a ridiculous few scores (from judging that was weird all night) that led to this relatively lop-sided split-decision, if that makes any sense.

But still, we got this!

And no one can doubt Chandler's reign.
And no one can doubt Chandler's reign.


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