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The WWE continued its streak of shocking endings to PPV events with the Goldberg squash of Brock Lesnar at .

A similar thing happened at the end of , when Lesnar bloodied Randy Orton the hard way with a series of vicious elbows. As with that ending, the WWE had the mainstream sports world talking after the match.

It certainly was questionable booking to have squash the toughest guy in the WWE, a man that has been booked to look like a legitimate badass. But, give it time. You can bet your bottom dollar that Lesnar will get his revenge somehow to restore his spot at the top of the tough guy pedestal.

Occasionally the will throw a squash match just to remind that the fans that they have the ultimate power, not the fans. The WWE has booked squash matches in the past -- and the truth is they usually work.

Let's revisit some of the company's most memorable squash matches.

The Ultimate Warrior def. The Honkytonk Man, 31 seconds

Who better than a hot, undefeated Ultimate Warrior to squash the hated Honkytonk Man and win the intercontinental championship. The Warrior was a last-minute, surprise replacement for an injured Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake. The Warrior ran into the ring, devastated the champ before he was even able to take his Elvis costume off. The Warrior won clean and big, and would go on to become one of the biggest stars in professional wrestling history.

The Ultimate Warrior def. Triple H, 99 seconds

If the formula works, why change it? The Ultimate Warrior, six years after his victory over The Honkytonk Man, returned after a long hiatus to destroy Triple H at Wrestlemania 12. Back then, was just Hunter Hearst Helmsley, a rich, elite snob. Warrior returned after a contract dispute and steamrolled Helmsley. Warrior would never return to his previous glory, despite this victory, but it was an amazing moment at Wrestlemania 12.

Hulk Hogan def. The Iron Sheik, 5 minutes, 31 seconds

For a higher quality viewing of the match, click here. was born on January 23, 1984, when Hogan pinned The Iron Sheik in Madison Square Garden. Hogan was the hottest superstar in the business and Vince McMahon had just stolen him from the AWA. Sheik was a transitional champion, winning the strap from Bob Backlund, who refused to lose to , because he felt Hulk had no wrestling talent. The Sheik got in a little offense during the match, but it was all Hogan here, going over strong to win the match and change professional wrestling history.

King Kong Bundy def. SD Jones, 24 seconds

No one expected SD Jones to win, but no one expected the veteran to go down so quickly, either. Bundy, one of the sport's most impressive-looking superstars, with his robust 440-pound frame, literally squashed Jones with dive and then a Bundy splash. Bundy was being groomed for Hulk Hogan at the following year's Wrestlemania. But, in 24 painful and memorable seconds at the debut of Wrestlemania, Bundy made us all fear for our lives -- and Jones'.

Bruno Sammartino def. Nature Boy Buddy Rogers, 48 seconds

Squash matches go way back. To 1963. That's when Bruno Sammartino walked through Rogers to begin the Sammartino era in the then WWWF. Sammartino won the gold, and he would go on to hold the championship for eight years. Sammartino sold out Madison Square Garden dozens of times in his career and this squash match victory made him credible in the eyes of the WWWF fans. He was later seen as unbeatable, partly from the squash match victory over Rogers.


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