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It was the day after Christmas, and I had worked for my buddy who had a pool cafe, a popular place in the village I lived in (Veldhoven) called "Marilyn's Pool Café.”

I was the bouncer there, but I wouldn't be standing at the door; I just walked around and talked to the guests in normal clothes. I lived very close, so when I was at home and my buddy felt that trouble would be breaking out, he would call me and I would be there within five minutes.

Anyway, there is this huge guy with his girlfriend who were being a pain in the neck—very rude to people, very loud, shouting. The man was gambling (just so you know, in Holland, we have slot machines in bars because it's legal there).

This guy was playing, but wasn't winning, so he got more and more aggravated. He started moving the slot machine around, and was generally becoming more and more obnoxious. I wanted to walk over, but my buddy, the owner, said he wanted to say something since it was Christmas, and he was afraid that a fight would break out if I walked over.

He walked over and talked to the guy, so the guy stopped for a moment and promised he was going to take it easy. My friend walked away ,and immediately the guy resumed pushing the slot machine around; hitting it, screaming profanity.

I walked over and asked him to stop. I had to look up because he was like 6'5." He looks at his girlfriend (who was also rude to people) and gave her a smile like: "Check this guy out.” He tells me that I should mind my own business. I told him that it actually was my business and that I was the security there (I was wearing normal clothes so he couldn’t tell).

He laughed, put his hand on my chest and pushed me away. I look at my buddy, Leon van Dijk, who was my only sparring partner in Holland. He was a badass guy, and every street fight I have ever seen from him would always be over in one punch. I've seen him knock out a guy while he was eating French fries.

He was standing there, holding a bag of fries with his left hand, and with his right hand, he was eating the fries. This guy slaps him in his face, BOINK, guy goes down, and Leon didn't spill one fry—just kept eating and smiling. Haha.

Anyway, he's there with his girlfriend, Joyce, who had just won the European MMA title. The guy just pushed me away on my chest, and I look at Leon and say: "Mata leao" (which means "Lion killer" in Portuguese, which stands for a rear-naked choke).

I step forward to the guy again in exactly the same way, hoping he would do exactly the same—push me—and I asked him to leave. Exactly as I thought and was hoping for, he tried to push me away again with exactly the same move, so as soon as his hand touched my chest, I pushed it to the side, moved simultaneously behind him and jumped up, getting him in a rear-naked choke.

I always tell people this because it's funny, but it looked like Stallone in Rocky 3 when he is on the back of "Thunderlips" choking him (Hulk Hogan played that part).

So, the choke is on, and I start counting out loud: "5, 4, 3, 2…" and boom, the guy is out. I hold him for about two more seconds, lay him down, grab his feet and start dragging him outside when I get hit in the face, hard. I look and it's the big guy’s girlfriend, who is also tall. Boom, she gets clocked in the head and goes down. I look and it's Leon's girlfriend, Joyce, who just dropped her.

Now, Joyce grabs her by her feet and drags her outside. Haha, both wake up outside, and suddenly they become really nice people, asking for their jackets that are in the cafe that have their car keys in it.

I told them that they could come back the next day to get the jackets and car keys because they were intoxicated anyway and shouldn't drive. Besides, there are consequences to their behavior, and coming back the next day was part of those consequences.

It took two weeks for that guy to pick up his jacket and car keys. I don't know why it took so long, but it did. Anyway, that was Christmas time with uncle Bas in honor of .


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