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This year has flown by, hasn’t it? Seriously, just a few days ago we were ringing in the new year, and here I am already preparing my Christmas menu. This week’s blog will focus on how my family will be celebrating.

I’ve been pretty busy (when am I not?), and I have a event on the 31st, so we’re keeping our yuletide cheer at home. We’ll be enjoying family time and keeping a few of our traditions alive: going to church, movie night with our favorite, Polar Express (I also like Big Fish on Christmas) and lots of food for Christmas Day and even some spins on the leftovers for the 26th.

Food is a big part of our celebration, as I’m sure it is with most families. If I could give a gift to all the fighters out there, it would be cooking skills, so they could cook for all their friends and family, just like I’m doing for mine.

The Christmas Menu

Small start

  • A Rutten garlic butter with fresh baked bread, just a few slices, you don't wanna eat too much, much more to come


  • Bouillon that takes two days to make, so a really nice one
  • A piece of salmon (caught myself in Alaska in October) with a béarnaise sauce

Main event

  • Filet mignon with choice of a red wine or roquefort sauce or halibut (also caught in Alaska) with a hollandaise sauce
  • Roasted rosemary potatoes
  • Celery with a cheese sauce and baked au gratin style in the oven
  • Salad


  • Sabayon sauce (warm sauce, look it up, it's my favorite dessert) with ice cream and a coffee/espresso on the side

Day after Christmas

The Rutten breakfast

  • Baguette, filet mignon and red wine sauce. My 20-year-old is vegan, so it will be made with tofu for her (in a different pan if you are wondering)
  • I bake the filets/tofu, take them out when done and leave the fire on. Then, I put garlic in the pan, let it fry a bit, throw in the red wine (20% water added) with herbs and cook it down a bit (this way the alcohol gets out). From there, I take the bread out of the oven, cut it and BOOM! It’s ready to eat! Take a piece of meat, dip it in the sauce if you like, but the best thing is to dip the bread in that red wine sauce.

Sounds like a simple breakfast, and it is, but it’s REALLY freaking good!

We like to keep our giftgiving simple. I don’t have a “wish list” for myself and my wife and kids are more about the celebration of family than anything else. La Guapa is so easy to buy for. She likes a bottle of perfume or some things for around the house, and the kids usually ask for the practical things they might need.

I mentioned I would give the fighters cooking skill, but I would give the promoters Prozac. I kid! I kid! Actually, I would give them camping gear and a one week trip into the wilderness for seven days with no phones, tablets or laptops. They’d be fully equipped with all they needed to survive, all the way down to a “Survival in the Woods for Dummies” book. They’d leave with their batteries recharged, ready for the oncoming year.

Now, I’m going to give you a Christmas technique tip that will aid you when you have drunk people that get out of hand at your celebrations. Here we go:

The best way to deal with ignorant/drunk people is to FIRST, take them away from others so it's only you and him (this way they don't feel threatened). Explain to them what they are doing wrong in a simple, no-nonsense way. As a bouncer, I would always do this, and 9 out of 10 times, they would see they were wrong and apologize, thus ending the problem.

Now, if they still kept going (and if they were really drunk) I would choke them out—a blood choke done perfectly, meaning they will feel NO pain whatsoever and will simply pass out (also will have no pain whatsoever the next day). From there, I would roll them on their side so there are no complications if they end up getting sick.

A perfect blood choke will handle everything humanely. However, when you don't know how to apply the perfect choke, as we have heard with some people who accidentally do serious bodily harm, it’s best to leave that one alone and go to the simplest solution. The "go to" move would be, well, what does El Guapo say? "Everybody underestimates a kick to the pills,” do that!

Godspeed and Happy Holidays!

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