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is a pretty good looking card despite the many critics that think it doesn’t have enough name value. As long as there are good, compelling match-ups, I’m a happy fight fan. No flashing lights, bells or whistles required. For me, the main event is a very intriguing pairing, so it’s the fight I’ll be breaking down for you.

Artem Lobov

is an orthodox fighter, but he switches it up once in a while and is good doing it, as he did with Ishihara in his last fight, who is a southpaw. Once he switched up his stance, he was attacking with left low kicks and did very well for himself. I loved that standing hammerfist he threw in the third round and he should do this again, but add a straight punch right after, so it’s sort of being used as a distraction.

He has a wider stance, which I like because it will give him more power for his left punches and kicks. I also like that when his opponent comes forward with a strike, he steps backwards with his left foot and simultaneously throws a right hook counter. His right straight/overhand and left hook are his power shots, so I would set up my kicks with some of those effective hand strikes, but he doesn’t do this a lot, and that’s always dangerous. Ishihara rocked and dropped him in the third with a single kick counter.

He stands up straight and on head shots leans backwards, so he needs to watch out with that. His footwork and distance management are still good, although a hook to the head followed by a straight to the body could be a problem when you lean backwards because now, you have exposed your body.

When Swanson switches stance to southpaw and has his weight distributed on both his feet, many times he attacks right away with a left kick, so Lobov needs to be ready for that. When Swanson switches stance to southpaw and leans backwards, he’ll probably throw a hook kick to the head with his front (right) leg.

Cub Swanson

is coming off an unbelievable fight against Dooho Choi, so if you’re a new fan and not familiar with him, that’s definitely the fight you’ll want to see to acquaint yourself with him. Swanson is a very active fighter and is also one that is extremely adept at switching stances.

Lobov tends to hold his hands by his side, and since he doesn’t have them up, that means when you attack him with straight body shots, it’s not something he’s used to because fighters don’t normally throw there, since the hands are there. I would do it anyway and use it as a setup for a head shot. I saw Swanson throw a 1 to the body and 2 to the head, so use it!

Artem also throws single kicks, but doesn’t set them up, so a counter strike at the same moment will work. Then again, the first punch Choi connected with was a counter to a single kick that Swanson threw, so he has to stop throwing those, as well.

Swanson likes to push forward hard and strike, and that’s a good strategy for this fight because Lobov has a tendency to go straight backwards instead of to the side. Lobov is a counter fighter and he likes his opponent to throw something so he can move just outside their reach and counter. Pushing him backwards more when attacking would be very effective, but this is something that Swanson already does.

Cub sometimes really over-commits with his striking and starts swinging for the fences, but he has to watch out against Lobov with that. He must be more compact, because those big strikes leave him open to a counter. Choi rocked him while he was doing that, and since Lobov is a great counter fighter, he should be careful not to leave himself exposed when in those high intensity exchanges.

Remember how I said that Lobov leans backwards with his head when throwing head strikes? Cub should throw a left hook to the head with a right straight to the body. It’s one of my favorite combinations because it’s almost always a hit and it would work well here for Cub.

Both guys have a ton of heart, can take a shot and come to fight, so get ready to see an action-packed fight. I know I can’t wait to see it!

Godspeed and party on!

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