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In my last blog, I talked about pressure and the pitfalls that can accompany it. For this blog, we’re going to talk about some techniques that are best kept to movie sets, and one you can actually use to defend yourself against a violent attack.

Remember the golden rule: practice makes perfect.

The palm-thrust to nose that sends cartilage fragments into the brain:

Sorry friends, that’s a myth and it won’t work. Even if it were true, you’d need a perfect aim for that. To be effective, you can’t miss, so without training, it would be incredibly difficult to do under pressure.

Kicking the side of the knee in a bar:

This could work if you can find the angle and kick on the knee that could do damage. But, when you have never practiced it? And you ”load up,” so he/she will see it coming and pull their leg away. What if that person is tough, takes the kick and still attacks? What’s Plan B?

You need something that is quick and easy to do. Remember what I always say, “Everybody underestimates the kick to the groin.” There, ladies (and gents), you have your target. Now, you have to find the right moment and position, so the attacker needs to stand with his two legs next to each other and preferably, you should be directly in front of him.

Talking while using a lot of hand gestures is always a good thing, because it automatically takes the attention away from your legs. While you are talking, you very methodically put yourself in front of him and in a fighting stance, not with your hands up because you don’t want to draw attention. Now, really slowly, you step backward with your dominant leg. You can even look at/talk to the people behind you while doing it. Turning backwards to look at somebody behind you while at the same time you step with your dominant leg backwards, leave the leg there and turn back to face him.

Now you have your weapon “cocked.” Do NOT look at his “pills” because he will know, but while you are talking you can look down to the left, then to the right. This way, your peripheral vision will find the target.

Then, when executing the kick, visualize that kick splitting him in half. I know, it’s a crazy way to think about it, but what many people do is kick, hit the target and then they pull back immediately. This is a no-no. Drive all the way through with your shin as hard as you can. Try to kick his feet loose from the ground. You can’t, but try to have that mindset and then, you run. Make a lot of noise, scream as hard as you can, alert people to your predicament so that they can either help or they can get help for you.

Now, if this is on the street and it’s just you and him, you can still do everything I just said; talking with your hands, and remember, looking back to see if there is somebody coming to help you is a normal thing to do and it helps set up your position for the kick. See what I mean? Picking the right time and target is difficult to do under stress, but try to do it mid-sentence. Don’t wrap up a line and then do it. “Listen, I am very sorry if I have offended you, that really wasn’t my…” BOOM!! Kick as hard as you can.

We’ll get into more techniques over future blogs, but for now, get yourself a partner and practice, practice… yeas, PRACTICE!

Godspeed and party on!

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