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Ashley Yoder, UFC Strawweight, TUF 23 Alumna, Team Quest
Ashley Yoder

Joanna Jedrzejczyk has freak-of-nature strength. I know because I trained with her on .

Joanna’s so strong on her feet, and the only way Jessica Andrade has a chance to beat her at is by taking the champ down and using her wrestling and ground game because Joanna is so strong in every aspect of martial arts.

Some people have commented that Andrade has knockout power, and she does. But I think in her last fight against Angela Hill, Andrade was extremely exposed, and that’s a huge benefit to Joanna.

I’m not sure if Joanna watched that fight, but it showed so many holes in Jessica’s game, and I think Joanna’s gonna capitalize on that.

Don’t get me wrong, Joanna still needs to watch out for Jessica’s knockout power, but I know she will.

At this point, no matter who Joanna’s fighting, I’m going to pick her to win her fight because she’s the best martial artist out there.

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