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Conor McGregor versus Floyd Mayweather is the talk of the town right now, but when it comes to MMA vs. Boxing, the Irishman isn't the only mixed martial artist with an eye toward putting on the 12oz gloves.

Jimi Manuwa’s callout of David Haye last month at UFC Fight Night London created waves in the UK, and it now appears that one of McGregor's teammates fancies getting in on the action.

We previously put together our own suggestions for an "MMA vs. Boxing" supercard, but one man we didn’t include was McGregor’s teammate, Artem Lobov. The Russian-born Irishman believes his style is tailor-made for boxing and that he would also be well worth a place on the undercard of McGregor vs. Mayweather.

"Look at my style, how could I not be interested in this,” Lobov said. “I would love to box, but Conor, he’s going straight to the top and he’s going for the best guy out there—Floyd Mayweather. For me though, I’d like a warm up fight first.”

Surprisingly, Lobov’s idea of a warm up fight involved a former unified light-welterweight world champion.

“I’d like someone easy first, like Amir Khan or someone like that,” Lobov said. “That would be a nice and easy one for me. With that glass chin, against me? I’d knock him out, and that would be an easy night for me.”

For anyone thinking that Lobov might have been joking, he made it very clear he wasn't when he was asked why he thinks he can defeat the British boxer

“That’s just me off the top off my head thinking who would be a nice and easy one for me," Lobov said. "When I look at how all his fights have gone in the past and how chinny he is, and then I think about the power I have, I see it only ending one way.”

While many have been quick to discount the chances of any mixed martial artist against a boxer in a boxing match, Lobov explained it from a different perspective and instead suggested that he’d be more dangerous in a boxing ring given he has less to think about.

“Imagine if I didn’t have to worry about leg kicks,” Lobov said. “Imagine if I didn’t have to worry about takedowns or anything. Imagine what I’m going to be able to do to him [Khan] then. I definitely fancy my chances with that fight.”

Lobov was more than happy to put the idea of an Amir Khan boxing match out there, but for the minute he remains focused on his next fight in just over two weeks against another man he’s promising to put unconscious, Cub Swanson.

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