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UFC featherweight and lightweight champion might be making the walk out to the Octagon at UFC Fight Night Belfast this weekend - this time, as a spectator. McGregor's teammate Artem Lobov is set to face Teruto Ishihara on Saturday.

“Peter Queally is here with me now,” Lobov said to the Independent. “He has always been with me, and he always helps me with these camps. He is a very good training partner and a very good fighter himself so it’s good to have him in my corner. Then, on Thursday, Owen Roddy and John Kavanagh get back from New York, so they will be here. Then, Conor is obviously coming to watch my fight, as well, so I will have the whole squad, the dream team.”

Is the new two-division world champ actually going to be in his corner? Or will he just be watching from a prime spot in the stands?

Lobov was unable to attend McGregor's record-breaking battle against Eddie Alvarez at last weekend due to preparing for his upcoming fight, but it looks as though he does expect McGregor to attend in some capacity.

I guess we'll have to watch UFC Fight Pass on Saturday to find out.

“I love to fight, I truly love to fight,” he said. “I always talk about this—there is no better place for me than inside that Octagon. It is my favorite place on earth and it is the most peaceful place on earth. I want to get as many fights as I can and as many knockouts as I can get.”

Lobov has gone 1-2 in his three UFC showings. He looks to continue on his win trend following his victory over Chris Avila at UFC 202.


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