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Matt Juul

When he isn't fighting off evildoers on Arrow or trolling his co-stars at events, actor Stephen Amell has been getting ready to show off his acrobatic moves in the upcoming celebrity edition of American Ninja Warrior.

In a preview for the special episode, which coincides with the Red Nose Day charity festivities, viral Ninja Warrior sensation Kacy Catanzaro can be seen coaching Amell through the obstacle course. While fans obviously won't be able to see his full run until the episode drops, Amell looks like he's handling the course pretty well in the new sneak peek.

The man behind the Green Arrow's hood should do just fine if the salmon ladders cross his paths, as he spent the better part of five seasons perfecting his technique on the hit CW show.

Co-star Echo Kellum, aka Mr. Terrific, revealed in an interview with Champions last year that Amell loves to help his fellow actors with their salmon ladder skills.

"Stephen Amell definitely gives us all tips on how to get that salmon ladder down," Kellum said.

As long as Prometheus doesn't pull any funny business, we're guessing Amell will do just fine when his American Ninja Warrior appearance airs on Thursday, May 25 at 8 p.m.


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