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I’ve been in the corner with . I’ve trained him for fights against Josh Koscheck, Carlos Condit, and Dong Hyun Kim, and I've worked with him on his hands.

But, my martial arts base is in taekwondo, and I also have a background sport karate.

I think Tyron is one of the most explosive fighters from A to B, and when he gets past that front leg and he gets in the pocket, he throws bombs. That overhand has got a lot of heat.

A long time ago, I showed Tyron the blitz, and I remember he hated doing it. He despised it. He said “I’m not good at this.” He’s always hard on himself. I said “dude, I’m watching you, you’re fast, you’re explosive.” He has the quickest A to B.

Stephen Thompson has got a good front leg, his pull off front leg is phenomenal. I think Stephen’s best chance is to play the outside and use his footwork because sport karate footwork is one of the best as far as quick movements. But he’ll need to watch out for Tyron’s kicks. He has the hardest kicks, and any time Tyron kicks somebody, they’re going for a ride; if he kicks that rear leg, they’re gonna go up in the air.

“Wonderboy” will also have to account for Tyron’s head movement and reach. Tyron keeps his head off line, and his reach is very deceptive cause it looks like he has small reach because of how big his muscles are. Woodley keeps his arms in tight, and then when he throws hands, they extend long. It’s pretty impressive.

Eventually though, even if Stephen plays the outside, I feel like Tyron will close the gap. If that happens, that kid’s going to sleep for sure, cause I’ve never seen a guy as quick and athletic as Tyron.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to train Tyron for his last few camps. But, I set him up with a lot of good sparring partners, guys like Raymond Daniels, who can help him prepare for fighting a sport karate guy like Stephen.

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