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Matt Juul

Max Holloway shocked the world at on Saturday night with his upset victory over Jose Aldo for the featherweight crown.

Talking heads on Twitter obviously took notice of the impressive feat, but so did a few famous fight fans, who couldn't help but tune into the action from Brazil. Even before unifying the 145 lb. belts, Holloway already had a pretty big star in his corner as Justice League and Aquaman actor Jason Momoa gave his fellow Hawaiian some social media love ahead of this weekend's battle.

As expected, the King of the Seas was pretty happy with the results of Saturday night's main event, taking to Instagram following the bout to show some "Hawaiian Pride."

Momoa was also extremely happy with another Hawaiian's performance, as Holloway's teammate Yancy Medeiros ended up taking the win over Erick Silva.

The Aquaman star wasn't the only person who enjoyed Saturday's action. Buffalo Bills player Richie Incognito couldn't believe how things went down between Holloway and Aldo, and congratulated "Blessed" for earning the win in Brazil.

Meanwhile, retired NFL star and commentator Michael Irvin had an "I told you so moment" on Twitter, claiming that he knew Holloway would become an undisputed champ "years ago."


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