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Jason Nawara

Anthony Johnson is a scary man. He's basically cleared out the light heavyweight division aside from, well, Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones. The champ and former champ. And even with Cormier beating him at UFC 187, Johnson is undeniably next in line for the light heavyweight title shot. Cormier knows this, Rumble knows this, and the fans know this. There's respect, and there's, "you've knocked out every contender in your path" respect.

So with Cormier having to pull out of UFC 206 with an injury, Rumble Johnson has been left without an opponent. and both tried to get a fight with Rumble, but he turned them down. He has an iron grip on that title shot and there's no reason for Rumble to give it up. That doesn't mean he isn't eyeing a heavyweight fight, however.

In an interview with FOX Sports, Rumble lays out some possible plans.

“Yeah. I’ll fight heavyweight. If it’s a fun fight, I’d definitely try it out. I always said I was going to go up to heavyweight in the UFC before I retired anyways. I might as well try it out if I get the opportunity. There’s some good heavyweights out there. Those boys are big, so I’m definitely taking a big risk and a big chance fighting those guys. I look forward to the challenge.

Those boys at heavyweight are definitely big, but Johnson matches up well size-wise with most of them. He beat up current heavyweight contender and former UFC heavyweight champ Andrei Arlovski at World Series of Fighting in 2013. AA has said he wants a rematch, and Rumble may oblige.

We can speak for the MMA Community by saying: we want you to make that happen, Rumble.


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