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As rumors continue to swirl around the alleged vs. fight, Mayweather is spending his time enjoying life across the pond.

Mayweather traveled to England to watch his talented young champion defend his title for the first time. While there, Mayweather rubbed elbows with the U.K.'s most popular boxer, heavyweight champion . Mayweather and Joshua took to each other immediately and joked while during a meet-and-greet with fans.

Mayweather complimented Joshua on his hard-fought victory over and invited him to Las Vegas to tighten up his defensive skills.

Joshua hung around while Mayweather answered the usual "when will you fight McGregor" questions from those in attendance.

"They said Conor McGregor signed his end of the deal, I look forward to signing my end of the deal," said Mayweather. "I haven't signed my end of the deal yet, so once I get home I'll communicate with my team and talk with Al Haymon; talk with Leonard [Ellerbe] and see what we come up with. We'll put all of our minds together and we'll have another super fight."

Anthony Joshua pitched Wembley Stadium as the location for the fight.

Not exactly if that's what Mayweather had in mind.

Not to worry, Joshua had another idea for and this one is golden

Joshua told Mayweather that his fight with McGregor will be huge but it can still get bigger.

"You need bigger" said Joshua. "What me and McGregor's not big enough?" responded Mayweather. "Put me on the undercard!" joked Joshua. “That’s legendary s***, that fight will go down in history.”

Anthony Joshua is far past being anyone's co-main event, but Joshua defending his title for the first time in Las Vegas (presumably) on one of the biggest pay-per-view fights of all time doesn't sound like that crazy of an idea.

Mayweather and Joshua may be onto something.


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